tilde Language Justice Cooperative

translations, interpretation, and capacity building for our communities and movements

~ translation ~

tilde provides high-quality written translations between English and Spanish, at sliding-scale rates according to your organizational budget.

~ interpretation ~

tilde provides high-quality interpretation* services between Spanish and English, for needs ranging from short meetings to multi-day conferences, and many others.
*Interpretation is the technical term for real-time rendering one spoken, or signed, language into another.

~ multilingual capacity building ~

tilde provides consulting services for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government entities, and others seeking to increase their multilingual capacity. Drawing on its decades of experience working in nonprofit, social movement, agency, and other settings, tilde can assist any group to maximize resources and improve its capacity to create more linguistically democratic spaces. tilde also offers participatory trainings to meet a wide range of needs, including interpreter skill building and best practices for multilingual spaces.

~ meet the tilde worker-owners ~

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Patty Adams is a cis queer white woman who has been working at the intersections of social movement and healing justice for more than 20 years. Patty was privileged to live in Central America for more than five years, learning Spanish as a second language while working in support of human rights, international solidarity and collective liberation in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Since then, she has been a freelance interpreter and a bilingual facilitator, in addition to working as a therapist, yoga teacher, and healing justice facilitator. As a co-founder of tilde Language Justice Cooperative, Patty is thrilled at the opportunity to live more fully into her anti-oppression values including anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, and anti-capitalism.


Ron Garcia-Fogarty is a national of Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the USA, and identifies as Multiracial, Latino & White. He spent his formative years in Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution, where he returns every year leading a youth delegation through Witness for Peace, as well as visiting family and friends. Ron works as a freelance interpreter and translator, and is a co-founder of tilde Language Justice Cooperative. He has a certificate in Community Interpreting from Durham Technical Community College. Previous to his language justice work, he worked for 20 years at social justice organizations and Latin American grassroots networks in North Carolina, Nicaragua, Washington, DC, and New York.


Susan C. Greenblatt had been interpreting for years before she discovered her inner introvert and added translation to her activities and now does both. A northerner by birth, she lived in El Salvador for 17 years, returning to the United States in 2010 to find her home in North Carolina. In addition to being a tilde Language Justice Cooperative co-founder, she is an American Translators Association Certified Translator (Spanish to English), a CERTIFIED HEALTHCARE INTERPRETERTM, and a member of CATI- the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters. She still has a lot to learn, for example, having just tried pawpaws for the first time this year.


A native of the US south, Tony Macias is an interpreter/translator and popular education trainer with over 15 years of experience in the labor, migration, and international solidarity sectors. He served as one of the coordinators of the 2010 US Social Forum Language Justice Team, and more recently, co-founded the Austin Language Justice Collective and the tilde Language Justice Cooperative. He is an American Translators Association Certified Translator (Spanish to English), and a member of CATI- the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters. He has worked nationwide and internationally with organizations and language workers to bring skills to our movements and a justice-oriented approach to multilingual spaces.

~ learn more about tilde LJC ~

tilde envisions a multilingual world in which all languages are respected, language work is valued, and all people can fully participate in movements for social justice and collective liberation.


tilde is a cooperative that creates a sustainable livelihood for language workers, and advances language justice by providing high-quality interpreting, translation, training, and consulting in the North Carolina Triangle region and beyond.

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Use the form below to send us a note, or call us at 919-960-1661